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Introducing Isabel Just!

Hi, my name is Isabel. I am Val and John's nine year old granddaughter. I love learning computer programming, math, science, personal finance, and Chinese. The things I love to do are gardening, exercise, play games, and learn.


I have a big garden in my backyard and me and my family planted lots of plants. The plants we planted were raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, tomatoes, melons, peppers and brussel sprouts.


My mom is Chinese and my dad is American.


My favorite food is noodles in soup.     


Oh, and Muhammad Ali said float like a butterfly sting like a bee.

Interviewing Nana

1. What was she like when she was little?

Nana said that she remembers being very happy as a little girl.  


2. What did her parents do?

They were farmers and grew lots of things.  Her Mom, who was my great-great-grandma, would take care of ducks and geese.  Her Dad, my great-great-grandpa, would farm beets, carrots and potatoes.  To earn money, they sold the vegetables that they grew in the garden.  


3.  What did she enjoy?

She loved playing outside with her puppies. She also loved eating outside in the field with her father whose name was Mike.  

4.  What was Val like when she was little?

She loved playing with her puppy Tippy and ate cheerios under the table.


5.  Did she play with her siblings?

She played with her two younger siblings that were 3 and 12 years younger than Nana.  


6. Was she poor?

She was poor but happy.

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