Mead & Beer Makers!  Bulk Honey!

Calling all mead and beer makers!  We sell bulk honey in 40-60 pound buckets at wholesale prices.  The minimum order is 40 pounds.  


Schedule a taste test, and choose your varietal!


We will not pasteurize our honey - we don't want to possibly destroy beneficial enzymes by heating the honey.  Our bees work really hard to produce a healthy product!


Contact John and Val via our contact/subscribe page to gain more information, or call us at (515) 278-4835.  If we aren't available, just leave a message, and we will return your call.  We look forward to working with you!!


Please note, the subscriber discount offered when you subscribe to receive Just Iowa Honey periodic updates does not apply to this purchase.  

Mead & Beer Makers! Bulk Honey!