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About our Beauty Products!

Currently, we offer lip balm and a healing balm that is produced from our own rendered beeswax and all organic oils and butters.  The flavors in the lip balm are all food-grade flavor oils, and the scents in the body balm are all Young-Living essential oils.  We also have a new product, the lip balm SIDEKICK - a snug, colorful lip balm holder that can be hooked on your purse, coat, backpack, keys - anywhere you can attach the clasp!


Beeswax can be taken from two different locations within the hive:  the hive boxes where the bees maintain the colony, or the supers where the bees store the honey that we harvest.  The wax that we use in our skin products is taken from the supers where the honey is stored.  This wax is new wax every year.  Once the bees deposit the honey in the honeycomb cell and reduce the moisture content of the honey, they seal the cell with new wax so the moisture content maintains around 16%. Newly rendered beeswax is a beautiful pale yellow.    

Just Lip Balm

Soothe and protect the delicate skin of your lips with Just Lip Balm.  The ingredients naturally nourish, hydrate, and protect.  The emollients, oils and butters, in the lip balm moisturize and repair dry lips, and our Just Iowa Honey beeswax inhibits evaporation of moisture from your lips.  Never greasy, never chalky, it absorbs and protects with the soothing benefit of beeswax.  And you can pronounce the ingredients in our lip balm!

Ingredient List:  Organic sunflower oil, coconut butter, vitamin E, and food-grade flavor oils. 

The Naturally Chocolate lip balm is organic cacoa butter, sunflower oil, vitamin E.  No additional flavor oils are added as the flavor is in the moisturizing butter.  

Just Body Balm

Our body balm can be used to moisturize dry, distressed skin such as cuticles, elbows, anywhere that needs nourishment.  The emollients, oils and butters, in the balm moisturize and repair dry and cracked skin.  Our Just Iowa Honey beeswax inhibits evaporation of moisture from your skin.  The Young-Living essential oils, diluted to a 1.5% ratio, provide aromatherapy benefits!  The ultra-rich formula melts into your skin with no greasy after-feel - mango butter and grapeseed oil were chosen for this formula to ensure your skin did not feel greasy after application.  

Our no-mess container is convenient to take on-the-go.  And you can pronounce the ingredients in our body balm!

Ingredient List:  Mango butter, grapeseed oil, Just Iowa Honey rendered beeswax, essential oils, vitamin E.  

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The Sidekick

Our new 'Sidekick' is our Just Lip Balm holder - you can hook it to your purse, your coat, your bookbag, your keys!  And the Sidekick's easy access allows you to remove the cap, and twist the tube bottom to apply your balm without removing the tube from the Sidekick!  Easy Peasy!  Plus, the snug fit of the Sidekick ensures your lip balm won't go missing.  

The Sidekick currently comes in 6 colors, pink, orange, spring green, purple, black and turquoise, and 2 sizes of clasps.  The extra-small clasp is sized to be used on zipper pulls and bookbags.  The small clasp is sized for the rings on your purse.


We have DEALS going on right now!  With the purchase of 3 Just Lip Balms, you get a Sidekick of your choice for free.  With the purchase of 2 Just Lip Balms, you get a Sidekick for 50% off.  Get more information on our SHOP page.   

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