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Honey Gift Favors

Say it in the sweetest way!  Combine sentiments and the gift of pure, raw Just Iowa Honey with our HONEY GIFT FAVORS!  Gift favors express your sentiments BEEUTIFULLY, plus are absolutely BEELICIOUS!  Your favor comes packaged in a cellophane bag with a bow, ready for gift giving!  Delight your friends and family, or your employees, with a thoughtful, beelicious gift at your dinner table, at your party, at work, at school!  Consider:

  • Holiday, birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day gifts!

  • Special someone | Just because,

  • Pick-me-up!  Make someone's day!

  • Children

  • Children's friends

  • Company gift,

  • Appetizer table favors,

  • Easter baskets (much healthier alternative), 

  • Holiday place setting favors,

  • Stocking stuffers

  • Sports fans |  Iowa fans, look for our sport favors!  Think tail-gating parties!

Available in two vessels - the hexagon jar or the honey bear.  The hexagon jar comes in two sizes - .18 of a pound or 1/3 pound of honey.  The honey bear holds .14# of honey.  

For inspiration and ideas, take a peek at the picture galleries, then review all of the examples of hexagon labels and honey bear labels below!  Customized labels are available (company name, family name)  - minimum order for customized labels is 12 honey favors.  

SHOP our Honey Gift Favors on our SHOP page.  Look for GIFT HEXAGON FAVORS or GIFT HONEY BEAR FAVORS!

NOTEWORTHY:  If presenting as a place setting or appetizer table favor, the favors display best without the cellophane bag/bow; something to consider! 

Just a Sampling of Hexagon Jar Options!
Click in the gallery below to expand the images!

Hex Jar Pictures

Just a Sampling of Honey Bear Options!
Click in the gallery below to expand the images!

Honey Bear Pictures