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Root Candles - A.I. Root Website

As probably mentioned before, I belong to a beekeeping organization, Central Iowa Beekeepers Association. We had our November meeting yesterday, and our guest speaker was Charles Carpenter. Charles ran a successful honey and honey product business for years, but has recently retired due to health issues. He brought some beautiful candles that he had made and packaged. He has sold his product throughout the United States, and was obviously brilliant in marketing strategies.

He had brought some postcards that they had printed earlier during the robust times of his business - and with permission, had used pictures that A.I. Root, the founder of Root Candles had taken starting in 1869. Naturally, my interest was piqued, so this morning I set-out to find out more about Root Candles.

I am providing a link to the Root Candle website, plus a second link to a good article on 5 ways to save bees.

I am providing an excerpt from their history page - I find it so intriguing to read about the pioneers that came before us - their fortitude and passion, and the journey that lead the way to modern beekeeping. I am going to order a few candles to add to my collection!

Amos Ives Root was inspired by a swarm of bees that landed on his window to begin his very first business - beekeeping. For 150 years, the Root name has been synonymous with beekeeping, honey, pure beeswax, and the highest quality candles. Some refer to Root as "America's First Family of Beekeeping".

Amos Ives Root became involved in candle-making through his interest in beekeeping. He was behind many advances in beekeeping, leading the movement to standardizing beekeeping equipment. His Airline Honey was known nationally as the "finest honey on the market". He wrote a popular book on bees -- The ABCs of Bee Culture -- and founded a magazine for beekeepers named Gleanings In Bee Culture. Little wonder A.I. Root was known as "the bee man" in fifteen languages the world over. Today, Root is actively involved in advancing the knowledge and science of beekeeping still publishing A.I.'s monthly magazine Bee Culture, and now in the 42nd edition of A.I.'s The ABCs of Bee Culture, which has become known as "The Beekeeper's Bible".

When asked by a local priest to supply beeswax candles, A.I. Root's son, Huber Root, developed a superior beeswax candle using hand-rolled strips of beeswax from Root's own hives wrapped around a wick. These pure beeswax candles burned cleaner and longer, as they delivered the natural aroma of sweet honey. Root Candles has been a leading supplier of liturgical candles ever since. Root Candles, a manufacturer of liturgical candles since 1928, is honored to provide the Church with our beautiful, clean burning candles to enhance the devotional life of parishioners.

Since 1869, Root Candles of Medina, Ohio, has been an industry-leading, family-owned company renowned for innovative ideas, aesthetic enhancements and the highest standards of quality. Now in its fifth generation, the Root family continues to extol the virtues of honesty, integrity, and diligent craftsmanship. These qualities were exemplified by Root Candles founding father and American original, Amos Ives Root.

His tradition of excellence, along with a genuine commitment to customer satisfaction and service, defines and fuels Root’s strong brand loyalty today. Root Candles devotion to purity, honesty and quality is renowned. Each Root candle is carefully handcrafted using processes mastered through five generations of craftsmanship combined with the latest in manufacturing technologies. The results are pure and simple: Root Candles are highly regarded for complex bouquets of subtle fragrances and sophisticated color palettes, important factors for discerning candle lovers. Today, Root Candles can confidently lay claim to making "The Best Candles in America, Made in America Since 1869."

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