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  • Valerie Just

Monarch Butterfly Conservationist Found Dead

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.

I was saddened today to learn that Homero Gómez was found dead in Mexico. There are strong suspicions he was killed, like many other conservationists that have come before him, by criminal gangs in the area, interested in capital gains over logging. Two weeks after Mexican conservationist Homero Gómez González was reported missing, authorities found his body in a well Wednesday. Homero Gómez, 50, managed a butterfly sanctuary in the town of Ocampo in Michoacán state, a region notorious for its violent criminal gangs. Here is the article, published yesterday, on the death of Homero Gomez.

I fully believe if something isn't done between the American and Mexican governments to ensure conservation efforts are protected in Mexico, the Monarch butterfly will lose their winter habitat in Mexico. This habitat is one element in the life cycle of the Monarch butterfly - this habitat is where millions of Monarchs fly each fall to over-winter. Without the habitat, the Monarch butterfly will become extinct.

Here is an article on the Mexican over-wintering cycle.

I have sat back, hoping that the environmental crisis would go away, hoping someone else would do enough to make a difference. But it is time to take action, otherwise I will be unable to look my children and grandchildren in the eyes - our generation, all generations, needs to become a catalyst to change.

I will be contacting my elected representatives. I encourage you to do the same. As each day passes, time is slipping away. I found a website that provides contact information for the United States representatives that we all elected into office - let's hold them accountable, and let them know what our expectations are of each and every one of them.

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