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Gift Hexagon Favors!

Delight your friends and family, or your employees, with a thoughtful, beelicious gift at your dinner table, at your party, at work, at school!  


  • Special someone,
  • Children
  • Children's friends
  • Company gift,
  • Appetizer table favors,
  • Place setting favors,
  • Secret admirer gifts!
  • BFF gifts!



Go to the About Honey Gift Favors page to review pre-designed labels!  Scroll to the HEX JAR LABELS section to see various options!  ENTER THE LABEL NUMBER IN THE 'WHICH LABEL DO YOU WANT' TEXT FIELD TO THE RIGHT.  


  • The favors come in either a .18# hex jar or a 1/3# hex jar filled with Just Iowa Honey wildflower honey!  Each jar comes with a specialized label and coordinating ribbon around the neck of the jar.
    • Choose if you want to add a mini honey-dipper tied to the side of the jar. 
    • Choose if you want to add a mini honey dipper and netting that is draped over the top of the jar, and tied on with the ribbon.


If giving as a gift , products come packaged in a gift-inspired cellophane bag, bow and gift tag!  Let me know if you DON'T want your jar packaged up!


Gift Hexagon Favors!

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