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Gift Hexagon Favors!

IMPORTANT NOTE ONLY APPLICABLE IF SHIPPING PRODUCTS:  The favors are very hard to SHIP fully assembled.  If we are shipping these products, the jars will come with all labels and the bow attached.  If you are ordering a mini dipper, the mini dipper will come with an elastic band.  The cellophane bag, external bow, and gift tag will be included in your order.  We will send one fully assembled favor, and provide instructions on how to add the mini dipper and package up the favors.  The bow and the gift tag are on elastic bands, and just slip over the cellophane bag.  We will be creating a video on the assembly, and a link will be provided to you to assist in packaging.  It is all very easy to do! 


Delight your friends and family, or your employees, with a thoughtful, beelicious gift at your dinner table, at your party, at work, at school!  


  • Special someone,
  • Children
  • Children's friends
  • Company gift,
  • Appetizer table favors,
  • Place setting favors,
  • Secret admirer gifts!
  • BFF gifts!



Go to the About Honey Gift Favors page to review pre-designed labels!  Scroll to the HEX JAR LABELS section to see various options!  ENTER THE LABEL NUMBER IN THE 'WHICH LABEL DO YOU WANT' TEXT FIELD TO THE RIGHT.  


  • The favors come in either a .18# hex jar or a 1/3# hex jar filled with Just Iowa Honey wildflower honey!  Each jar comes with a specialized label and coordinating ribbon around the neck of the jar.
    • Choose if you want to add a mini honey-dipper tied to the side of the jar. 
    • Choose if you want to add a mini honey dipper and netting that is draped over the top of the jar, and tied on with the ribbon.


If giving as a gift , products come packaged in a gift-inspired cellophane bag, bow and gift tag!  Let me know if you DON'T want your jar packaged up!


Gift Hexagon Favors!

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