The Antheia

Antheia was the Greek goddess of flowers and flowery wreaths.  We have christened this hex jar, the same shape as honeycomb cells, The Antheia.  


The 2.8 ounce jar is not pictured, but is identical to the other 2 jars, just smaller.  This size is used for the honey favors - if you would like to see a picture, go to the About index, and choose Honey Event Favors.  


Unique and elegant hex jar - a beautiful gift for someone special. 


Mini-dippers are available to tie to the side of the 1/3 and 2.8 ounce jars.  Each mini-dipper is 45 cents, plus the cost of the honey jar.  When ordered, we tie the mini-dipper to the jar for you.  

The Antheia

  • We offer festive cellophane bags, depending on the season, with a coordinating bow when you need gift packaging!