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Ross Round Comb Honey

Advance Notice is needed! 

The comb is frozen and we need time for the comb to thaw.  A 4-hour notice works well!


Comes with a Perfect Charcuterie Board recipe, and a tip card!




To get to the comb honey, remove both the top and the bottom covers!


For the ross round comb honey, the bees build the honeycomb right in the round container, fill the honeycomb cells with honey and then cap the cells with wax. We simply take it out of the hive, put a top and a bottom cover on it and it's delivered fresh to you.  The comb is available in sizes 7 ounces and up.  


Comb honey is honey at its most purest state.  Comb honey is how honey was packaged before extractors were invented around 1865.  If you want a unique and authentic culinary experience, then try our comb honey!  Each package comes with a card that provides creative serving ideas.  Also see our recipe page, and review the Cheeseboard recipe.  

There are various tasty ways that comb honey can be eaten. You can take a chunk right out of the comb and eat it.  It is delicious sliced on top of your favorite ice cream, sliced and placed on top of your fruit and cereal in the morning or sliced over a warm muffin or pancakes.  Toast a piece of your favorite bread or an English muffin. While it is still very hot, spread it lightly with butter. With a knife, cut a chunk of comb honey and spread it over the toast. You may have to mash it a bit, but the heat will soften the comb so it flattens into the toast along with the honey. It doesn’t melt, but becomes soft and aromatic.   My favorite is a wholegrain cracker and a pecan!

Comb honey will compliment any cheese to create a unique gourmet treat.  The upscale restaurants often serve comb honey in the center of a plate surrounded by a selection of expensive cheeses and multi-grain crackers. The idea is to cover the cracker with a piece of cheese and top it off with a small chunk of comb. This works great with cheddar or brie, but any cheese will work.  

Ross Round Comb Honey

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