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The Sidekick!

The Sidekick holds your lip balm in a snug tube that attaches to your purse, keys, backpack, zipper pull.  You will always know where your lip balm is - no more rummaging through your purse!  The cap and the twister are exposed - you never need to remove your lip balm from the Sidekick to apply to your lips!  Just unclasp from your purse/backpack/keys/zipper pull, and apply!


Currently in six colors, and two sizes of clasps! 


  • Hot pink
  • Spring green
  • Citrus orange
  • Purple (far left in picture)
  • Black (middle in picture)
  • Turquoise (far right in picture)


Clasp Size:

  • Ex-small:  Use for zipper pulls on your backpack, your coat.
  • Small:  Use for metal rings on your purse, key ring.  




The Sidekick!

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